bored at work on tumblr…kik me! JaunDic3. Please help meh from boredom!

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I’m bored, and will be all night! Hit me up on kik so we can both be..not bored lol.



Abstract Pixelated Mario by DirtyGreatPixelsUK

Abstracted design based on everybody’s favourite plumber!

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Feel Alone?

Well don’t!!  I have always been a great listener and advice giver. I am in no way judgemental so if you need help, or just want someone to talk to, drop a question or two. Everything will be private so no worries! I’m here for you guys!

Something New

I never wanted to start this whole tumblr business but I guess this will be a nice side thing to have since everybody and they moms are getting it. Follow me if you wish!